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capensis: /kaˈpen.sis/, [kaˈpẽː.sɪs]

1. Adjective, (New Latin) Of, belonging to or from the Cape Province, South Africa, previously known as Cape of Good Hope.


Capensis Capital is an investment firm founded in 2016 and operated out of Cape Town, South Africa. 

We follow a global, valuation-based and long-term approach with the aim of delivering attractive real returns through market cycles. Our founding investors are friends and family and we are driven by the responsibility and trust placed in our process. Employees will always invest alongside and on identical terms as outside investors. We aim to deliver an attractive product to any long-term investor looking for exposure to quality assets bought at rational prices.

Capensis Capital has one focus - we concentrate all our effort on building a high quality portfolio.


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Capensis Capital was founded in 2016 and Henno ran the business solo until July 2019 when it became a subsidiary of Granate Asset Management. He is an Executive Director at Granate and co-manages two local multi-asset funds. He is still the 'main man' at Capensis responsible for managing the portfolios but now has some friends to bounce ideas off. Prior to Capensis he was a portfolio manager at PSG Asset Management, where he was responsible for the PSG Global Flexible and PSG Global Equity funds.


Paul and Henno's paths first crossed at university and they have worked together for many years on a variety of ventures. Paul is an Executive Director at Granate and co-manages the multi-asset portfolios with Henno. He has been part of Capensis since 2019, adding resilience to the business and sharing his expertise as a portfolio manager. He is always happy to challenge Henno's views. Prior to Granate, he was responsible for the PSG Stable and PSG Balanced Funds at PSG Asset Management.

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When Catherine met Henno she had recently left her job as a civil engineer and was searching for new opportunities. After two years exploring, she joined Granate in January 2020 as an Investment Analyst. She spends most of her time on offshore research, supporting both Capensis and Granate. She now gets very excited about semiconductors. Catherine is learning the ropes at Capensis so Henno can have holidays.


Alex joined Granate in February 2020 as an Executive Director and Head of Clients. Previously, he was an Institutional Fund Manager at Coronation Fund Managers. Asset management is a somewhat different path from where he started out as a game ranger in South Africa’s Lowveld region. Alex looks after our clients and makes sure that Henno doesn't take life too seriously.



Simone joined Granate in May 2021 as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this, she was COO and Head of Strategy and Product Development at Tantalum Capital. She started her career in asset management as a shareholder and director at Blue Ink Investments and worked as a fund manager at the London-based firm Thames River Capital. We think of Simone as the captain of this ship, making sure it's always plain sailing operationally, no matter the weather. 

If you'd like to know more about Capensis, please get in touch.

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Phila joined Granate in January 2020 after an early career spent in accounting. She previously worked at PwC as a Senior Associate and later a Manager in the company. She joined Granate as an analyst, but quickly impressed us with her immense skills in dealing with the challenging areas of compliance and controls. She is now Company Secretary and Finance and Risk Officer for Granate, making sure we dot our i's and cross all our t's. Nothing gets past Phila. 

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